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Government bodies will coordinate to promote real-name
registrations and authentication
on dating sites and crack down on
marital fraud(romance fraud/scam) and other crimes related to
matchmaking services, according to the guideline issued by the Central
Committee of the Communist Youth League of China
, the Ministry of
Civil Affairs
and the National Health and Family Planning

双一流 "Double First-Class" initiative

The Chinese government announced Wednesday that it had built an alert
system to monitor regional environmental and resource capacity
conditions, and punish those responsible for environmental damage.

The Communist Party of China is expected to amend its constitution at
the upcoming 19th CPC National Congress next month by adding
key theoretical viewpoints and strategic thoughts.

  • 缩表 reduce/shrink/unwind the balance sheet
  • 调减恐慌 taper tantrum
  • 党员 members of the Communist Party of China
    中原工人阶级 Chinese working class
    中华共产主义青年团 the Communist Youth League of China
    先锋队 vanguard
    党的纪律 Party discipline
    提请入党者 applicant for Party membership
    预备党员 probationary Party member
    入党宣誓 take an admission oath
    纪律处分 disciplinary punishment
    开掉党籍 expel someone from the CPC
    开掉公职 remove someone from public office
  • 业内党员 full Party member
    交党费 pay membership
    党支部 Party branch
    党小组 Party cell
    党员领导干部 Party cadres
    民主生活会 democratic meetings
    党龄 a Party standing of ... years
    党徽党旗 Party Emblem and Flag
  • 马列主义 马克思ism-Leninism
    the development trend of China's advanced productive forces
    the orientation of China's advanced culture
    the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the
    Chinese people
    adhering to the Party's basic line
    persevering in emancipating the mind, seeking truth from facts
    and keeping up with the times
    serving the people wholeheartedly
    upholding democratic centralism
  • 学术评价种类 academic evaluation system
  • 具有广泛互联网盛传的杰出原创小说、影音、动漫等创作
    articles, audiovisual and animated products of great influence
    on the internet
  • 学术造假 academic fraud

Zhejiang University issued a draft proposal recently via its WeChat
official account to recognize online cultural works of excellence
by its teachers and students.

reduce the balance sheet

strictest order to stop construction work

  • 高等教育强国 an international higher education power
  • 征集制度改善 enrollment system reform
  • 乡村教授帮衬陈设 supporting plan for rural teachers
  • 骨干教授 backbone teacher
  • 可吸入颗粒物 inhalable particulate
  • 大雾污染日 haze pollution day
  • 居民住宅装修 residential renovation
  • 中国民航局 Civil Aviation Administration of China
  • 电磁苦恼 electromagnetic interference
  • 收音机发射器 radio transmitter
  • 民用航空安全 civil aviation safety
  • 舱内话音记录器(黑匣子) cockpit voice recorder (black box)
  • 飞行数据记录器 flight data recorder

China's civil aviation authority said on Monday that it will lift its
ban on
the use of portable electronic devices on aircraft, and
airlines will make the decision themselves.

US Federal Reserve on Wednesday kept its benchmark interest rate
unchanged, but announced that it would start reducing its $4.5 trillion
balance sheet from October, a further step to end the loose
monetary policy.

electronic devices ban

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