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 Mega enrollment: the comprehensive improvement of the class
enrollment information of the national painting of Yang Changxi studio
of Renmin University of China

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        Renmin University of China School of art from the Yang Changxi
studio since opening, adhering to the "realistic" motto, "carry forward,
always stand in the forefront of the times, the courage to bear the
excellent tradition of national mission". We have absorbed the advanced
teaching concepts of various art colleges, and established a scientific
and practical teaching plan according to the actual situation of
students according to the teaching system of famous masters in past
dynasties. Based on the tradition, inherit and expand, follow the rules,
teach students in accordance with their aptitude. Students in the
shortest time to master the most painting knowledge and suitable for
their own characteristics of the creative method, training a batch of
excellent art talents. In order to further improve the teaching quality
of the studio and train the follow-up talents for the high research
class, it is decided to set up a comprehensive class of Yang Changxi
studios. The information of enrolment is published as follows:

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Class location: Beijing


 Teaching idea


  The six in one teaching mode, such as teaching, presentation,
copying, sketching, creation and communication, enables students to
grasp the contents of curriculum quickly and make clear the direction of


  For students with different basic and personality, we should teach
students in accordance with their aptitude, understand each other in a
simple way and step by step, so that students' drawing level can be

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Class location: Beijing


  Enrolment object





  (1) calligraphy enthusiasts and art lovers who are devoted to the
study, research and creation of Chinese paintings.

  (two) the graduates of the major art colleges and universities.

  (three) the staff of the literature, history and philosophy and
the graduates of the University.

  (four) between the age of 20 - 58 years of age (especially the
best who can appropriately relax the age).


  Training objectives:


  The culture of Chinese painting has a correct understanding of the
cultural spirit, and can be created independently of the art talents;
for the Chinese painting advanced research classes of the colleges and
universities reserve talents.

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Class location: Beijing







  (a) painting landscape painting, painting, painting, painting.

  (two) the basic knowledge and method of writing calligraphy,
grass, Li, zhuan.

  (three) the study and appreciation of the ancient poetry.

  (four) practice methods of Taijiquan health maintenance.

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Class location: Beijing


 School system:




  The school system is one year (enrolment in perennial, followed by

  Focus on three days a month (under class exercises at any time).

  Spring and autumn are written for about 20 days each.

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  Registration method:


  Take the phone and WeChat registration, registration of personal
information (name, gender, date of birth, education, professional,
political affiliation, academic achievements, work units, home address,
contact information (), works of calligraphy and painting, the article
can be attached to a life) and take a picture, through the micro letter
studio contact the teacher, after approval, admission notice. After the
students report, they pay the fees and go through the admission


Tutor brief introduction

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  Yang Changxi, the word is pleasing, the number one mountain living
man, don't take the supine Yun Zhai main, the Xiaoyao Weng. Now China
Artists Association, honorary chairman, Chinese China ink painting and
Calligraphy Association executive president of Institute of
Communication University of China, Professor, Department of grammar art
Tianjin Normal University Professor, Communication University of China
Deng Fuxing, Guo Shifu freehand PhD tutor, Renmin University of China
School of the arts class implementation of ambassador Yang Changxi's
landscape painting studio, painting and calligraphy art consultant


Appreciation of the works

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 Cuixueling A brief introduction to the teaching assistantship


  Cui Xueling was born in Zibo, Shandong in 1986. He graduated from
Sichuan normal college in 2008. In 2010, he studied in Shi Qi art studio
of Beijing Academy of painting as a professional painter of background
Stone Art Research Institute. In 2015, he was studied at the studio of
Yang Changxi landscape painting research and creation at the Painting
Academy of Renmin University of China, and now it is a professional
painter of Yang Changxi studio.

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Appreciation of the works

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